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Updated: May 1, 2021

ATHENA Technolo-G INC., launched in 2006, has evolved over the last 4 years from being mainly an engineering consulting firm for the aerospace sector with some sideline R&D activities to predominantly becoming an R&D firm with some consulting activities on the side thanks to the development of the Pivoting Axle technology and, to finally emerging as a multi-services company geared (pun intended here!) to the automotive and to the sustainable transportation industry.

The decision for such a dramatic business pivot has been guided by the current state of collapse observed since 2017 with the Montreal aeronautical hub. After the demise of Bombardier Aéro acting as the main contract provider and as the main new program developper in the region, good constructive jobs are now scarce and the momentum is dying with most key ressources abandoning the ship either through natural contingency or from embitterment.

For career engineers like us, you either throw-in the towel or re-organize and "reload"as the American say to tackle new opportunities brought by the electrification of transportation and the whole automotive world as a sandbox.

ATHENA has decided on the latter scheme and configured an intricate web of services and products that complement each other and, hopefully, which will enable us to prosper and grow.

With the access to our new spacious shop in the beginning of June 2021, ATHENA will launch its first division "Nūvo Car" aimed at bringing cryogenic cleaning of automobile's undercarriages to our province of Québec. And, we will do it at a fraction of the price charged by current players in US and western Canada. Our aim here is to cater to owners of high quality luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Volvo, Alfa Romeo... which are traditionally turned off by the outrageous expenses of dry ice cleaning. Our mission here is a very different one from the current dry ice businesses based in perpetual summer states and province. Their cars just don't rust... ours do! Québec winters are violent and destructive for vehicles' undercarriage. Salt, sand, beets juice (yeah, yeah!), ice, snow, slush... you name it! We may spend thousands of dollars on applying Ceramic coatings to the body panels of our cherished ones, the threat comes from the underside... the unseen side.

Nūvo Car's mission will be to extend the prime condition of your car, 2~3~4 years at a time by completely removing all contaminants from the underside and reapplying a fresh coat of high quality protective wax.

In a whole different field, ATHENA has become the official authorized reseller of SHINING 3D EinScan 3D scanners for the province of Québec and for the maritime provinces as well as the Nunavut and Nunavik territories. We will specialize in their Handheld products line and will offer sales, support and 3D scanning services as well. Of course, we will use our scanners for our own in-house developments!

ATHENA will continue to develop the Pivoting Axle technology and will keep our door fully open for potential investors to launch our Skate-cycles program which could generate hundreds of millions of annual revenues and hundreds of good jobs for the province and the country.

So, there it is folks, this is a new chapter for us and it excites us beyond words and we hope you will enjoy as well and accompany us on this new adventure.

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