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eMzez & MiMz

Micro Metroplolitan Mobility otherwise abbreviated as eMzez comprises micro-vehicles designed to operate in the greater metropolitan regions including those suburbs extending through the outer belts.

Within this group, Micro Intermodal Mobility or MiMz are rather designed to operate autonomously in the ever growing suburbs, constantly supplying transit movements at main collective transport hubs over the territory.

This is where lies the future of sustainable mobility!


Did you know that the annual global production of personal cars (automobiles, SUVs, Pickups, etc.) amounts to nearly 70 million units and generates more than 600 billion Kg of CO2 annually.  When we know that the average daily use of each of these cars is only 2~3 hours ... that is to say that they stay almost 22 hours motionless, parked somewhere ... cumbersome.  In addition, these same increasingly overwhelming cars (Pickups, SUVs) are used during daily transits from Monday to Friday mainly by a single occupant. The carbon footprint of this whole fleet of personal transportation is unsustainable and the price to be paid for the society is suddenly felt by the dramatic effects of global warming. Québec does not have any automobile manufacturer on its territory, and therefore maintaining sales of these vehicles does not bring us any economic benefits.  Rather, we must continue to promote the local manufacture of electrified commercial vehicles such as our buses, trucks, maintenance vehicles, etc... as well as a new class of micro-transit vehicles which will be essential for the existence of a new sustainable mobility model already percolating among the avant-gardists of our planet.

Our MiMz will gradually change the current outdated model of personal automobile consumption by adopting a new and more sustainable model using much smaller and affordable electrified autonomous vehicles operating on-demand using digital App subscriptions. 

These vehicles will ultimately be operated by fleet managers and deployed not only in large urban centres but more judiciously in their populous suburbs. 

Our coveted goal will be to stimulate a greater number of professionals to abandon not only the use but also the purchase of personal cars in favour of the adoption of public rail transportation. 

In this 21st century model, ATHENA therefore intends to provide the autonomous micro-mobility technology required to constantly supply transit movements at passenger hubs in all major metropolitan areas of our planet. 

The first Skate-Cycle offer presented on our previous page is just the start of a long journey!

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