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Disruptive thinking into designing tomorrow’s mobility.

ATHENA Technolo-G is a duo of product architects specializing in land, air and water mobility of the future. We combine creativity and rigorous engineering in the ideation of R&D projects.

With over 50 years of combined experience as principal senior engineers in the automotive and aviation sectors, we are recognized in the industry as innovators and nonconformists. We specialize in the ideation of disruptive mobility technologies.

​​Our strength lies in rethinking all likes of vehicles architecture by understanding their underlying physics and coming up with much simplified and cheaper overall solutions. We trade hardware complexity for software capabilities. Our next generation electrified platforms will maximize the extraordinary capabilities of advanced and intelligent control over costly chassis components.

For those remaining components, ATHENA's goal is to optimize weight savings, quality, longevity and improved feedback for the driver over the frivolous quest for all out maximum speed. Let's be lucid... national speed limits in all of North-America is mostly limited to 120 kph (65 mph).

Why wait when the future is within our reach?
Let’s reinvent tomorrow’s mobility; social-minded, efficient and ecological.

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