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The purest, simplest and most economical interpretation of a Pivoting Axle platform.


Skate-Cycles are totally new revolutionary 3 wheels micro-mobility vehicles that conform to North-American 3 wheels motorcycles sub-class regulations for use on all public roads.

The Skate-cycle is not a motorcycle though. It has three wheels to start... yes... obviously!; but in its first iteration, it combines on a single Pivoting Axle two front wheels which have tractive power and a smaller free-spinning rear one and it does not require a steering mechanism as a motorcycle does.

Skate-cycle_side_01 copy.png

Based on our Pivoting Axle technology, it allows steering simply by either displacing your body laterally over the vehicle at higher speeds, in the spirit of a motorcycle or a skateboard, or by differentially modulating the speed of each front wheels to assist steering at any speeds. This allows the incorporation of Driving assistance modes to increase safety on slippery roads and it can be pushed all the way to autonomous mode when the technology becomes mature.

In a near future, a Skate-cycle could ride itself autonomously to pick you up and let YOU ride to your destination without ever needing parking. The Skate-cycle architecture is designed for Fun, Practicality, Efficiency and Safety more than any other motorcycle is!

Skate-cycle_front_01 copy.png

The Skate-cycle is the most minimalistic vehicle that one can safely take to the highways. It is built-up with less than 60 components altogether. It can come as well in scooter and electric bike versions sharing many of the same components. Using a low voltage tractive system, it is fast enough to maneuver effortlessly on any roads and, equipped minimally with an 8KW battery pack, it offers an HYWFET range of more than 90km. 


The Pivoting axle architecture allows a Skate-Cycle to tilt inside the turn as the Axle is pivoting whether this Axle is mounted in the front or in the back. If mounted in a back arrangement, it eliminates any tendencies of the vehicle to tip forward when braking in a turn as is the case with traditional Delta three-wheelers such as Rickshaws and the infamous British Reliant Robin.

A complete Pivoting Axle assembly

PA_iso-02 copy.png
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