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3 wheels car

Let's build a light, agile and affordable electric trike architecture car that allows any OEM startup to circumvent many costly regulations imposed on 4 wheels automobiles by qualifying this product under the 3 wheels motorcycle sub-class.

Metric introduction Inspirations image2.jpg

And, with our Patented (Pending) Pivoting Axle architecture, this novel Skate-Car would lean into turns reducing lateral load transfer by up to 25% and increasing the "Wow" factor by "gobs & oodles"!
That's never been 
seen before!

So... WHY DO IT?

  • Because true “addicts” of pure driving “buzz” will not disappear with the progressive introduction of autonomous vehicles and other eco-responsible solution regarding upcoming metropolitan mobility trends.

  • Because, to enjoy pure driving experience, we don’t need a $200K, $500K or $1M worth of exclusive HyperCars that can only show their prowess’s at ridiculous high speeds reserved strictly for track use.

  • Because the purest sports car are built on light, agile, stiff platforms devoid of any unnecessary equipments and luxuries that would otherwise detract from the true purpose of communicating to the driver every subtle tire interactions with the pavement.

  • Because a trike architecture car allows an OEM startup to circumvent many costly regulations imposed on 4 wheels automobiles by qualifying its product under the 3 wheels motorcycle sub-class. Gone are the expensive requirements for crash tests as well.

  • Because todays affordable high torque and high power electric motors combined with ever lighter high density Lithium battery packs allows startups to design and manufacture cost conscious pure sports cars for the common enthusiast and not just for the super rich elite of this world.

  • Because modern ultralight electric cars provide great fun with loads of torque at legal speeds and allow us, as enthusiasts, to concentrate on our driving experience with no gear changes necessary.

  • Because the Pivoting Axle technology on which our product is based allows greater cornering performances than any other trikes and most existing cars currently available on the market.

  • Because the Pivoting Axle architecture amplifies tires contact feedback at the steering wheel as opposed to filtering out this precious feeling through the ubiquitous rack & pinion used by all other existing cars.

  • Because the Pivoting Axle technology eliminates almost all mechanical components found on conventional front drivetrains and allows us to manufacture a more affordable vehicle than anyone else could.

  • Because a Pivoting Axle architectured car leans into a turn as the complete front Axle pivots and thus reduces lateral transfer by up to 25%. This has never been seen before!

There is no doubt that a worldwide Niche market exists for such specialized product if the price meets the quality and performances expectations. 

Morgan is selling its baseline Super 3 like hot-dogs at more than $53K US and thanks to their extensive options catalog, most sold Super 3s fetch prices upward of $60K. 
Campagna's T-Rex are selling at more than $65K and every single one manufactured is finding an eager customer in any one of the USA's southern or West Coast states... if not in Quebec itself!

We are confident our "Metric™" as we call them, would easily sell at around $49K US with annual volumes as low as 150 units. That would allow a total production cost allowance of $36K for a 20% profit margin.

ATHENA believes in incremental Design & Development phases with robust Go/No-Go Milestones. 
An affordable very basic functional prototype could be built for around $100K to prove out the concept and test several geometry variations. It would be built in partnership with the ÉTS university and with DANA TM4.

It would look something like the WIP prototype shown below.

So... who's willing to take the Leap and Join the Venture?

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