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Here's an idea... 
    You have the money to invest but no winning idea
     we have ton's of great ideas but little capital of our own

          Why don't we partner up!

ATHENA, the creator of the revolutionary Pivoting Axle technology (patent pending) is your trustworthy developing partner. 

After more than three decades of engineering the aircrafts of the biggest OEMs in the world, the cars of  Honda, Mitsubishi and Chrysler...
after more than twenty years of conceiving innovative products from ideation to development, in broad and varied sectors such as green architecture, aerospace, automotive, naval and defence... we've decided to open up our treasure chest and offer you the fruits of our passionate labour. 

Now... we understand it's a risky endeavour.
You could very well choose to take any of our ideas as-is and decide to develop and commercialize them yourselves. Just keep in mind that we created them and have given lots of "valuable" time to develop them further and reflect upon their complete life cycle.
Plus... teaming up with us might cost nothing except for a slight shared profit margins!

Additionally, ATHENA can bring benefits from the many available Provincial and federal R&D programs thus more than halving their development costs. ATHENA also has strong links to the ÉTS University and IVI, a well renown public R&D center in the Montreal region specifically established to provide advanced mobility electrification solutions.

Just Pick your interest from our Portfolio below...


3D Scanning Services

ATHENA is a provider of 3D scanning services.
We are catering to Québec, the Maritime provinces, Nunavik and Nunavut.
We use EinStar scanners and a combination of Geomagic Essentials, SolidEdge and Catia V5 for Post-Treatment.
From simple Points Cloud, to Extracted Primitives to Full 3D reModels, we cater to your needs and to your budget.

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