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Automotive Cryogenic cleaning

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Nūvo Car is the first to introduce dry-ice cleaning for undercarriage in the province of Québec. Our pursued goal for this service is very different from that found on the West Coast and in sunny states. Such service there is mainly aimed at restoring classics and exotic cars (we can also do that). We will instead focus on rejuvenating mid to high priced vehicles such as Audis, BMWs, Cadillacs, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Volvos, Teslas, etc... Our goal is to erase all traces of past winter battles in order to apply a fresh new coat of high quality protective coating to the entire underside. Your car will remain in prime condition, rust-free, for as long as you care and for a reasonable investment.

Cryogenic cleaning (or commonly known as dry-ice cleaning) is the only cleaning method that is safe and environmentally friendly for your vehicle because it doesn't require any abrasives, liquids (no water used) nor any chemical agents. It uses the sublimation power of CO2 dry-ice to extract all types of surface contaminants such as dirt, salt, grease, tar, surface rust and more. It is gentle on all metals as well as on polymers, elastomers, glass, leather, wood and fabrics. 

Cryogenic cleaning is the only safe undercarriage cleaning process for electric vehicles. Dry-ice cleaning is already being used to clean Alternators, Generators, Coils, Motor windings, Transformers and even printed circuit boards. The reason is simple: it doesn't use water or any liquids.



Basic Package

Dry-ice cleaning of the entire undercarriage, the engine compartment, the wheel wells, wheels and tires. Application of protective coatings to the complete undercarriage.


Winter veteran Package

Same as Basic package but adding local abrasive blasting and rust converter prior to applying protective coating.


Motorcycle/snowmobile Package

Complete dry-ice cleaning of engine, chassis, exhaust, wheels and tires


Wheels Package

Dry-ice cleaning of wheels & tires followed by application of ceramic coating.


Basic Package XL

Same as Basic Package but adjusted for larger SUVs, Pickups and Vans.


Interior Package

Complete dry-ice cleaning of interior including dash, seats, door panels, headliner, pedals, steering, ventilation & floor mats.


Restoring Package

High-end, multiple days dry-ice cleaning of entire vehicle according to the customer's requirements.

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